About FiP

June 2013

Hi Folks, 

After a three year hiatus, I’m back! This blog seems as good a place as any to communicate about the most recent research and advocacy work I’ve been doing related to food systems and the Farm Bill. Thanks for stopping in, and please post a comment if you have one!

Best, Annie Lorrie 


Thanks, CFJC for asking me to lead the “Strengthening the Movement” piece at the People’s Food Justice Summit in Oakland December 2012!

For those who’ve requested an identifying description: I am a member of the San Diego 1in10 Coalition, a Steering Committee member of the Community Food and Justice Coalition (Oakland, CA), and I also conduct participatory research and evaluation with several other food system change groups.  The website for the SESD Community Food Stories Project I conducted between 2010 and 2012 resides at: foodwaysandfoodscapes.org. And lastly, for my very occasional tweets, check @AnnieLorrie on Twitter.

Prior Message from 2010:

Recently, when I began a blog called, ‘What’s Gov’ Got to Do with It,’ I was acting on what I had heard in several communities of activists and social change advocates in San Diego, especially those in the burgeoning Food Justice Movement and those working to lift up the needs of low and moderate-income San Diegans in the California State budget process.  That is, often San Diegans who set out to take a modest bite of a larger, more complex issue—such as fighting for in-home services for the elderly and people with disabilities, or making community garden permits accessible to nonprofits in poor communities—find themselves confronting the very policies, procedures and structures of government that need to change.

This blog lifts up the stories of San Diegans who see food equity as one powerful and necessary locus of efforts to improve public health, plan our communities for livability, and make sustainable development our future.  It also attempts to highlight some of the cross-cutting or “cross-over” issues, where San Diegans  engaged in distinct efforts, even distinct parties or movements, might find common interest and strength.


2 responses to “About FiP

  1. I’ve just come across your blog for the first time and can’t find any info about who the author is. Would you please contact me?


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