Community Plan Update “Open Mic” for Orgs

Community Plan Update Open Mic Night
Monday, April 26 from 6 to 8 p.m.
Santa Fe Room of the Balboa Park Club

This is your opportunity to introduce your organization and become involved in the Community Plan Update process. Members of the Advisory Committee for these updates as well as the general public will be invited to attend this meeting to learn about these participating organizations.
If you wish to participate, please prepare a presentation of no more than 15 minutes, focusing on the issues, strategies and techniques of your organization that influence planning, particularly some aspect of the General Plan and/or the community plans. (See links below.) A laptop with Powerpoint software will be available. Handouts are also welcome. There will be an opportunity for questions.
North Park, Greater Golden Hill and Uptown are some of the oldest communities in the city. The Community Plan Updates are needed partly as a result of the recent update to the City’s General Plan shifting focus from how to develop vacant land to how to better design infill development and reinvest in existing communities. This focus is reflected throughout the General Plan, including such topics as sustainable development, urban design, the provision of public services and facilities, mobility and historic preservation. You can learn more at the following links:
City of San Diego General Plan:
List of Community Plans:
If you would like to participate please RSVP no later than April 19 to this e-mail or contact me at (619) 232-2112 x 105. In addition, a member of our team will conduct a follow-up call with you in the next couple of days. If there is significant interest, an additional open mic event may be scheduled. Thank you for your time.

Kristina Meek, Consultant to the
City of San Diego City Planning & Community Investment Dept.
Project: Uptown, North Park, Greater Golden Hill Community Plan Updates

(619) 232-2112 ext.105 – Phone
(619) 232-2012 – Fax


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